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iList Ambassador <3 Music and it is an amazing platform for artists, bands and DJ´s to spread their music with the help of their fans.


Let your best customers become brand ambassadors and spread the word of your brand to their friends and family. 


iList Ambassador has it origins in the event industry where promoters of different kind has been used for ages. We have digitized the marketing process offering a state of the art platform in marketing events.


Human resources is a all about relations and communication. iList Ambassador is perfect for communicating with your employees using dynamic content.


Today the media buzz is making it so hard to reach out especially to the younger crowd with political ideas. Do you want to ignite your grass root movement and let them help your campaign by recommending a politician?


iList is all about freedom and we are more than happy to get in touch with any charity organisation to see if we can help you by offering our platform for FREE!


iList Ambassador is suitable for any hotel, travel or tour company. Let people share their best vacation recommendations with friends and let business people recommend your company to the people you meet.


Media agencies, PR companies, podcasts, bloggers, newspapers or TV channels, iList Ambassador is offering a new way of reaching out to potential new customers.


Football, baseball or MMA doesn´t make a difference in marketing when using iList Ambassador. Your fan base is your marketing channel!


iList Ambassador is perfect for restaurants of all sorts. It doesn´t matter if it´s Italian, French, Fast Food or Raw food. Everyone likes a good recommendation for a great restaurant.


iList Ambassador is perfect for any gym, crossfit box or yoga studio. Use it to market your venue and get new members by recommendations.


Let your staff and your best guests become ambassadors for your venue using the iList Ambassador app to share content with their friends and the right crowd.


Patent pending platform

iList Ambassador is a super dynamic marketing tool converting your customers, employees and fans in to brand ambassadors, letting them tell others about your brand using exclusive content and the latest mobile technology. iList Ambassador is CRM reinvented like you never have seen it before. It´s about happy customers, loyal fans or devoted employees.

By using iList Ambassador you will have the power to reach to the core of your business offering exclusive content directly in their phones. By offering great deals, invites or brand related content you will increase your customer, fan or employee loyalty. Never loose your customers again.

It´s also about reaching your potential target customers.

Your Ambassadors endorse your brand and science proves that people with the same interest, background or work tend to group with similar people. Your customers and fans do already know other potential customers for your brand and that´s why we created shareable content. Use your customers or fans to identify, target and influence new customers generating effective brand communication and marketing results.

Use iList Ambassador to benefit from

-       Increased sales.

-       Increased brand awarenes.

-       Increased customer, fan or employee loyalty.

You can try iList Ambassador for FREE by clicking on the button below.


iList Ambassador is perfect tool not only for marketing but for internal communication to your employees as well. We are offering a new innovative way distributing content increasing reach, opening frequency and saving time.

”A survey at IKEA Örebro showed that a majority of the employees prefer an app solution for their internal communication instead of multiple channels such as sms, e-mail and info screens.”

By using iList Ambassador for communicating information to your employees you will keep the staff updated, streamline your work as a human resource manager and increase your employee satisfaction.

iList Ambassador is a dynamic platform and you can easily create content such as

- Basic information using text and picture.
- Surveys and .pdf material.
- Exclusive partner deals.

To streamline it even more you will always be in control of the entire flow of information  in real time by using our analytics tool.

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the app

Become an ambassador for your lifestyle and connect to the brands that you like.

By recommending the things you like in life you define who you are and influence others around you. Recommendations are limitless and anything can be recommended. It´s only your imagination that sets the boundaries.

In a global world there is always place for new influences. iList Ambassador also offer a way of exploring other peoples recommendations on a local level as well as from around the world. Take the chance and find something new, something interesting, something you didn't know existed.

iList Ambassador also offer a new way connecting to your favorite brands and becoming a brand ambassador. By becoming an ambassador you will receive exclusive content sometimes even shareable with your friends. We believe in the freedom to choose and it´s always up to you if you want to become a brand ambassador or not.

iList Ambassador is FREE to download and available for Android and iOS.


About us

iList inc is a tech startup founded in 2015 and located in San Francisco California US and Uppsala Sweden.

Our goal is to revolutionize the distribution of information between brands and their employees, fans and/or customers.

The iList Ambassador platform is built on experience with lots of both love and determination. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from using it.

If you'd like to get in touch with us for business, feedback, a cup of coffee or any other matter please send us an e-mail.

iList inc

156 2nd Street 

San Francisco CA 94105 

United States


iList inc Europé HQ

Samaritergränd 3B


Uppsala Sweden


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our team

David Larsson
Founder & CEO

Dog owner, creative master mind and experienced marketing guy with a solid background in the nightlife industry as well as sales. Studied law at Stockholm university before devoting his life to iList.

Johan Viberg
Founder & CFO

Christian family guy, sales and marketing master mind passionated about freedom of speech and cigars. Started his first bar on the island of Kos in Greece back in 1998 and has been in the nightlife and event industry most of his life. Also a big fan of Sid Meiers Civilization.

Bo Larsson

Highly experienced business executive based in Silicon Valley. Former CEO of Firetide Inc, CEO & President of Ericsson Webcom Inc, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and Senior Vice President and General Manager of Ericsson North America and Japan.

Frank Thunström
Creative Director

Passionated about creative design in all forms, tattoo lover and is also dressed as a recording artist and music producer with far over a million streams on Spotify.

Anton Lenander
Media Wizard

A thinker creating magical art in form of drawings and film. Also interested in all forms of music from minimalistic techno to hip hop and rnb.

Simon Berglund
iOS & Back end developer

An expert in iOS and in charge of the development. Simon says that its nice to BBQ and has also developed numerous apps like VodEdge and FrittFram together with Pontus.

Pontus Andersson
iOS & Front end developer

Knows how to get the job done. Likes to have his dog Bruce hanging at the office and has also developed numerous apps like VodEdge and FrittFram together with Simon.

Johan Jönsson
Android Developer

Experienced Android developer found on his skateboard when not behind the computer screen. He is also good at playing the guitar, perfect for Friday's after work.

Michael Abaté
Arizona Ambassador

Driven entrepreneur and proffesional DJ from Scottsdale with a background in cosmetics industry. He is our guy to talk to in Arizona if you want to know more about iList Ambassador.

Jacob Hartman Andersson
Sweden Ambassador

From Laxa to Dubai to the Maldives and then back again! Jacob have spent some time abroad and hold a degree in hospitality and hotel management. a cool guy who loves music, friends and traveling!